My favorite animal

I love animals, I love pets, I just love wildlife! I have a dog, who is a bichon frisé, and I wanted to write about his breed. If you have a favorite animal, domestic or wild, please put it into the comments!


Bichon Frisé  (pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say)

The bichon frisé is a small sized dog, though size varies. It mainly has pure white, cream, apricot or gray coloured coat. They are fluffy and loveable, love cuddles and are lap-dogs.

Height and weight:

Height: 3 – 30 cm Females 23 – 28 cm

Weight: 3 – 5 kg

Questions and answers (that most people ask me):

Do they loose hair? No

Do they bark frequently? No

Will they cuddle up to you when you watch TV? Yes

Can they be left at home all day? Not really. Bichon frisés love to be with their “masters”. They will be miserable and lonely at home.

Are they ok with long walks? Yes, but you will need lots of water as they have VERY thick coats.

Do you have to groom them much? Yes. Regular brushing, once a month’s worth of baths.


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