Plastic, plastic and… more plastic. What you can do as a child.

This blog post aims to give you top tips about using no more plastic. These tips are based on the book No. More. Plastic. I’ve read it and enjoyed it and if you are a climate change hater, you should definitely read it! I have taken ideas from this book, but have rewritten them and simplified them in some cases.

  1. When you go to buy new school things for the new year, consider the packaging. Packaging is plastic, so try to buy the pens, gluesticks, rubbers and pencil sharpeners with the least packaging.
  2. When you need water, simply use the tap! It’s clean as well!
  3. If your parents drink tea tell them to try and use tea bags with no plastic.
  4. Ask your parents to look at your packaging on your food items from your supermarket. If it says ‘cannot currantly be recycled’ tell them to not buy it again
  5. Ask your parents if you can go to your local park. If they say yes, go to that park and pick up litter for 2 minutes. See how much you picked up!
  6. Instead of using wrapping paper for your friend’s birthday presents, use a little cloth bag, that they can use again!
  7. Ask your school to ban ballon realeases. Try and find another way to celebrate!
  8. Use fountain pens instead of ballpoint pens
  9. If you need a water bottle for a school trip or anything, buy a metal one. Do not buy bottled water or a plastic water bottle.
  10. When you make your birthday/Christmas list, consider your presents. Are they made of plastic? Try not to put plastic items on your list.

Thank you for reading!! Now go out there and use less plastic!!!


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