How to make your own nature garden

  1. Have your own wilderness place in your garden
  2. Grow wildflowers. If you are interested in attracting butterflies to your garden, buddlea and nettles are favorites. Bees prefer native flowers
  3. Stack up logs and sticks to encourage beetles
  4. Hang a bird feeder filled with unsalted peanuts from a branch or get one which attaches to a window with a suction pad for a close-up view. You can get squirrel-proof bird feeders to ensure the squirrels don’t steal all the food, but hang an ordinary feeder alongside so that they don’t go hungry either. Fat balls and seed mixes are ideal for attracting a range of bird species. Offerings of bacon rind and grated cheese will also make you popular with your avian neighbours
  5. You can buy special feed for hedgehogs from garden suppliers, while badgers will eat unsalted nuts and seeds, fruit and root vegetables. Make sure you leave out water as well. You can provide a safe place for hedgehogs to hibernate by buying a hedgehog house. (Note: don’t leave out bread or milk because they will cause digestive problems for animals.)
  6. Create a pond, and use plants like water lillies to devolop your underwater habitat.

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