My Top Tips

About three weeks ago, my mum bought some ecological products that she said would avoid plastic and waste. I wasn’t sure at first, but she showed them to me and I was delighted. She got:

. some cotton bowl covers to use to keep your meal warm and to preserve food without having to use clingfilm

Here it is:

They are made by Green Thankful.

. Bee’s wrap (instead of clingfilm)


They are made in Canada.

And my mum also got some None Sponges. (You use them to wash up, then instead of throwing them away, you wash them)



It’s good to try to use these things to 1) cut down on plastic, 2) use things that you can keep and re-use many times instead of throwing things away.

My mum got them all from The Wise House.

This is an online shop, run by someone called Lucy in Hampton. She chose it because we used to live there. She researches things that are better for the environment and sells them.

I love these ideas, very cool but actually really simple!

You could maybe ask your parents if you could get some!




One thought on “My Top Tips

  1. Hi Bea, good on you for keeping up with the tips and info. Another idea is to put a plate on a bowl instead of clingfilm. I use cling film very rarely these days, just put things into pots or bowls to store them in the fridge. Nicky xx


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