Anyone can do anything

I saw an article on the BBC website about an inspiring girl who lives in Pakistan called Zymal.  She realized that Pakistan has a huge waste problem and people need to recycle more. For now, there is rubbish everywhere in piles, on the road, outside houses, just everywhere. Mountains of colourful plastic bags. Have you ever had a bin open in your house, and it stinks really badly? Double that, or triple that or even quadruple that and you have the smells in the streets of Pakistan. Think about how lucky we are to not have that happening to us, whether we’re in England, France, Ireland, Germany, and Italy…

But we’re never that far away because lots of countries have had problems like this. For example, in England in the 1970s, we had a similar problem which was that all the rubbish collectors went on strike. As you can imagine, it must have been horrible. Can you imagine walking out of your house, and finding rubbish piled up everywhere?

Zymal decided to put a stop to it by making Zeebags, decorated newspapers with pretty decorations. She sells them to family, friends and most of the profits are given to various local charities. In the space of just three years she has gone from selling a few bags to selling hundreds – worth $4-5,000 One charity Zymal’s money goes to is called SOS Children’s Villages, which helps orphaned and destitute children across Pakistan. She hopes this will make people inspired to help protect the planet. Because if we all stand together, we can achieve amazing things. Everyone can do their bit, just a little thing helps.


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