A few weeks ago, I was staying in Brindisi, which is in Italy. The villa where me and my family were was almost in the countryside, so the power wasn’t too good. We had to buy bottled water, in case of a power cut (the water pump used electricity), which did happen lots of times without warning. This ,meant that everything was in lots of ¬†plastic packaging, which was bad for the environment. (see my previous blog post on rubbish). So even though we wanted to be eco-friendly, it was difficult and probably impossible. There were still a few small things we could do that didn’t seem much, but everything helps. For example:

1. We re-used plastic water-bottles by putting tap water in them.

2. We made sure that everything that could be recycled was recycled (for example some packaging was recyclable).


My Papa doing his favourite activity: recycling

3. If we could do without something and it wasn’t essential we didn’t buy it (some stuff is useless and bought us lots of plastic which we didn’t need.)

4. If we could make our own food we did (we made our own tomato/bolagnaise sauce).

5. It was very difficult to recycle as the rubbish men didn’t come, so we drove our rubbish down to the recycling bins ourselves.

So you see, sometimes helping the planet is sometimes difficult or impossible but if you can you must always try and find solutions and persevere.


3 thoughts on “Difficult…

  1. Hello Bea,
    This is a very good article, you have obviously thought carefully about recycling. You are absolutely right to say that every little helps, because it does, especially if everyone tries.
    By the way, Papa was pleased to have a starring role in your blog!
    Lots of love Gum xxxx

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  2. It’s a really good point to make that helping the environment sometimes takes a bit more effort. It helps when councils do the recycling collection from our houses but I think people can ‘train’ themselves. For example, it might be easier to buy our shopping from a local shop but, because supermarkets are cheaper, we are willing to travel for the best price. When will people start looking for the best value for our environment? After all, it will affect us much more than having a few more pounds in the bank!

    What do you think Bea?

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