Bea’s eco paper

My promised eco-wrapped present has been made! Here is what I did:

  1. Equipment.

Things needed2.Sticking

Green sellotape

Prof at work


Job done

4. Wrapped

This present is for someone who just turned one, so I thought it was best to use some bright shapes that might interest him, like the elephant and the giraffe.

I used a sheet of old newspaper and some old magazines for the shapes. I even used recycled sellotape…!

Now, over to you. What photos can you send?





Wrap a present…

When you look at wrapping paper, what do you think? A brilliant way to hide a surprise? A pretty pattern? Well, did you know that wrapping paper is a big waste of paper and of trees? This should stop, and although we can’t stop it entirely, we can help by not buying or using it. But what do we do when we want to wrap a present?

What we can do is find stuff that we would just throw away and make a substitute for wrapping paper. We (me and my family) have made some of our own wrapping paper and used it. I will post a picture of it this weekend.

This is what you can do too!

I will organise a competition for ThePrettiestWrappedPresentWithNoWrappingPaper. Then it will be up to you to create! This is what you have to do:

  1. Create your wrapped present.
  2. Send a photo of it to me.
  3. Then I will consider your pictures and post the winner.

I had an English teacher here in France who is now a teacher in Scotland. Her class is doing a project on sustainability and they have very kindly got the competition underway. Here is a photo they sent of their creations. I will post more about their class and their efforts at the weekend, but in the meantime, great going guys!!!!!

Shirley presents



A few weeks ago, I was staying in Brindisi, which is in Italy. The villa where me and my family were was almost in the countryside, so the power wasn’t too good. We had to buy bottled water, in case of a power cut (the water pump used electricity), which did happen lots of times without warning. This ,meant that everything was in lots of ┬áplastic packaging, which was bad for the environment. (see my previous blog post on rubbish). So even though we wanted to be eco-friendly, it was difficult and probably impossible. There were still a few small things we could do that didn’t seem much, but everything helps. For example:

1. We re-used plastic water-bottles by putting tap water in them.

2. We made sure that everything that could be recycled was recycled (for example some packaging was recyclable).


My Papa doing his favourite activity: recycling

3. If we could do without something and it wasn’t essential we didn’t buy it (some stuff is useless and bought us lots of plastic which we didn’t need.)

4. If we could make our own food we did (we made our own tomato/bolagnaise sauce).

5. It was very difficult to recycle as the rubbish men didn’t come, so we drove our rubbish down to the recycling bins ourselves.

So you see, sometimes helping the planet is sometimes difficult or impossible but if you can you must always try and find solutions and persevere.